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Pittsboro is the heart of North Carolina! Anchored by the Chatham County Courthouse and a historic downtown, Pittsboro is a small town with unique and creative locally owned small businesses, farmers’ markets, breweries, music festivals, a distillery, and restaurants that take “fresh and local” to heart. The striking natural beauty of Pittsboro can be appreciated on the many hiking trails and boating activities on the Haw River and nearby Jordan Lake. The development of Chatham Park will further enhance the Pittsboro area, bringing boutique shops, artisanal restaurants, commerce, art, recreation, homes, and schools on more than 7,000 acres. Come to visit and see all that Pittsboro has to offer!
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Chapel Hill

Welcome to Orange County! As the home of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill is a charming community filled with welcoming, gracious southern hospitality. Franklin Street is the bustling center of social life with plenty of activities whether you’re interested in arts, academics, or athletics. When there’s a home game, the whole town turns Carolina blue! The outstanding restaurants in Chapel Hill showcase the pride that North Carolina chefs take in their understanding of agriculture and most of them get their food within fifty or so miles of the table where you eat it. The many music and film festivals around Chapel Hill celebrate the talent all around us. Live music at Fridays on the Front Porch is an unbeatable way to kick off the weekend! Chapel Hill is a special place that authors, musicians, and artists love to call home.
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